CLINIC HOURS *Subject to Change*
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: Closed

Regular Check-Ups
We are here for all your health care needs. We follow up with our patients regularly and guide them to better health.

Ambulatory Care Services are non-emergency condition-specific single visit or intermittent care generally provided on an outpatient basis in support of primary care.

Learn how to manage your diabetes on pre diabetes sign up for diabetes classes, glucose screening.

A Family Physician is the one who addresses all your concerns and illnesses. He/she acts as a confidante who works with you along with many specialists who are required in some special cases.

We provide health care to patients who are visiting Canada from abroad – Some condition & charges may apply.

Our Strengths

Lendrum Medical Clinic team recognize each person’s individuality and the diversity of the communities they serve. It is our goal to provide services that are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. In addition, our caregivers have a wide range of expertise and knowledge that together ensure our clinic has the depth and experience to fulfill our goal of excellence.

Lendrum Medical Clinic is offering family practice, walk-in clinic, urgent care, lab works, and a pharmacy. All family physicians are accepting new patients and at the same time it is open for walk-in patients.

Lendrum Medical Clinic mission is to improve your health and well being.

Lendrum Medical Clinic staff has a long history of caring in the community, with many having worked for Emerald Medical Clinic for over 8 years. Lendrum Medical Clinic staff are attracted to the organization because of the firm’s dedication to serving those in need and their passion for caring.

People who work in health care, who dedicate their skills to serving in the community, understand and believe in the importance of assisting individuals maintain their independence, dignity and self esteem. These characteristics and beliefs are what set Lendrum Medical Clinic professionals apart.

We offer wide range of medical services. Check Medical Services page from Menu to see complete list.

  • Family Practice
  • Disease prevention , control and treatment
  • Full Medical Examination
  • Flu Vaccination and Immunization
  • WCB
  • Walk-ins
  • IUD & PAP Clinics
  • Drivers’ Medical
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Women’s Health
  • & Much More…

“As medical director and owner of Lendrum Medical Clinic, it is our goal to diagnose and treat, or recommend specialists, for your condition in a professional and courteous manner. Keeping you healthy and informed is top priority!” Dr. Adeleye Lemi Adebayo